Young NFL Fan Writes to All NFL Teams; Only Carolina Panthers Respond With A Little Gift

Carolina Panthers failed to impress in the recent NFC divisional playoffs following their defeat at the hands of defending champion, Seattle Seahawks. It seems like they may well have won the heart of a new fan with a kind gesture, though. It goes to show that on-field performance is not all it takes to secure fans.

Carolina Panthers

Cade Pope is a 12-year old boy who absolutely loves NFL. He wrote to all 32 NFL teams around a couple of weeks back to help him decide which team he must support. You’d think that’s a clever way to ‘induce’ response and not many would fall for it but hey, it’s just a kid. He did receive one response, nonetheless. Guess, by whom?

Cade Pope letter

Jerry Richardson, the owner of the Panthers side, responded to the kid’s letter which read, “Cade, we would be honored if our Carolina Panthers became your team. We would make you proud by the classy way we represent you.”

NFL Carolina Panthers owner letter

It wasn’t all talk; a replica Panthers helmet came alongside the letter in one big package. It was signed by star linebacker, Luke Kuechly. This has truly inspired Pope to root for the only team that responded to his polite call. From now on, Pope takes pride in calling himself a Carolina Panthers fan.

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