Top Sports That Make You Smarter

Top sports are not necessarily about flexing your muscles, but also pushing your mind beyond its limits. No wonder they help gauge your intelligence and make you smarter and stronger. Here are top sports that can challenge your mind and contribute to fluid intelligence.

Chess - Top sports


Chess is considered to be the poor man’s “Go”. Before we begin the argument that chess is not a sport, it is important to emphasize that any competitive activity which requires some skill to be put to test is sport. That means that it does not necessarily have to be physical education or fitness. Top sports like chess can help with logical problem solving and lead to sharper thinking.

Poker - Top sports


It is important to admit the bitter sweet truth that life would not always favor you in all situations. Playing Poker would teach you exactly that, albeit with cards involved. This sport does teach you a lot about life. For instance, those other players competing against you are ready to pounce on your meal, akin to business rivals in real life. In addition, it teaches you the art of timing your moves well which is key to turning things around. No wonder this is one of the top sports that require some thinking.

Martial arts - Top sports

Martial arts

Martial arts require an attentive body and mind. Make no mistake, the coordination of the body and a calm mind along is key to playing this sport. Courtesy of this coordination, you can condition your mind to follow your body and vice versa which is important is so many walks of life. Suffice it to say, the mind is just as important as the body, which places this among the top sports we know.

E-sports - Top sports


Similar to Chess, E-sports is one of those top sports that requires lots of strategic thinking. Couple that with precise timing and patience, you have yourself a recipe for success. Moreover, gaming requires you to be ready to coordinate and communicate with friends which develops a sense of comradry and teamwork that is crucial not only for success but in real-life interactions. So, if you happen to be one of those people who like to keep yourself locked in a cave, this is your chance to open up a little.

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