The Netherlands Double-Dutch England For The Second Time In History

It’s happened yet again. Netherlands have got the better of England after skittling the entire batting line at a cheap score of 88 runs. This is only the second time that the two teams have met in the World T20 tournament with the same outcome – Netherlands emerging victorious. While the smashing strokes in 2009 took Netherlands home back in 2009, the persistent slow bowling got the better of England today as the English team fell short by 45 runs in a chase of a modest target of 134 runs.


Hey buddy, what’s that ‘minnow’ word you keep using to describe us?

This victory by the ‘minnows’ over a former T20 champion goes to show how unpredictable the game of T20 cricket can be. One just can’t afford to write off even an associate team such as the Netherlands until the last ball is bowled. Netherlands managed to cement its spot in the main tournament after beating a good Irish team. Besides one lackluster performance against Sri Lanka, the Dutch came awfully close to victory against its matches against South Africa and New Zealand. This last match may have been a dead rubber for both teams since both had been disqualified, but it certainly did the Dutch boys justice for the hard work throughout this tournament.

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