The Dangling Structure of Pakistan Cricket

They usually say nowadays, bowl out of your skins in order to trouble the batsmen and knock the opposition over. Well, fortunately for Pakistan cricket team, the team follows this part of the script immaculately well. In fact, on their day, they look like the most lethal bowling attack in the whole world. New pace sensation, Mohammad Amir adds so much to this side with his inclusion and the sort of raw talent that he has refined and redefined on the cricketing field. He, coupled with the likes of Mohammad Asif and Umar Gul complement a proper pace attack in the Pakistan side. As for spinners, Pakistan cricket is privileged to have a good off spinner in Saeed Ajmal and a classy leggie in Danish Kaneria-two vastly experienced bowlers. Trouble is, that is all from the more positive and optimistic part of the tale. Horrors that haunt them come from the remaining two aspects of the game.

Pakistani batting inconsistencies are now a universally known truth. These lapses are not only well recognized by the opposition team players, coaches and staff, but Pakistan cricket is well aware of this part of their game which has now become a bane of existence for Pakistan cricket. It is highly unfortunate that no game plan is designed by the think tank operating in the ranks in order to fend off such weaknesses and help Pakistani batting ace as much as- if not beyond- the bowling. Loss after loss seems to make the scenario worse for the team rather than healing wounds and overcoming the odds. It is almost as if losing has become a habit for a few in the side and probably one reason why most of the team members almost always make an abortive effort to hold onto the catches scooped to them. Oh yes, as a fielding team, Pakistan is a horrible candidate. No matter how much a bowler troubles a batsman and makes him play out deliveries sniffing each and every ball, the piled pressure goes out of the equation the moment catching opportunities are missed by the fielders. All that effort by the bowler goes begging and the batsman gets a new life-what a shame. Don’t be too surprised, that is Pakistan cricket!

Pakistan in England series exhibits no different display of skills. As always, the bowlers continue to impress with the pace and burst with which they throw the deliveries at the batsmen; yet, the fielders spoil the fun with some miserable fielding and bowlers are thrown into deep and dry folds of agony and anguish. I mean, what more can a bowler do than finding a fine or a thick edge from the bat that follows straight through to the wicket keeper or a slip quadrant? But follows by a few ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ and moans all around, and what do you see, a dropped chance(a ‘soda’ as former legendary spinner Shane Warne would want to call it). The Pakistani batsmen have continually failed to make an impact too. No batsman has reached a milestone of three figures in this series yet. Forget three figures, the top order has struggled getting to a mere ten to twenty runs! Many would say, oh great bowling display it must be. Indeed, but more importantly, the main contributor was the callow nature of batting order. In such a dire scenario, it was again up to the bowlers to contribute a little something to the batting so as to have something to defend and quite surprisingly, the bowlers were up to the task and fifty and over runs were added by the batsmen in almost every inning.

Sigh! Sigh! And sigh yet again. Pakistani management needs to put their heads together and devise a clear cut policy and do justice to the team and over millions watching the game with such love and zest. All outside the cricket matters should be shut once and for all if this team is to prosper and see any burgeoning success. Batsmen should take a leaf out of the bowler’s books-that is the least that can be said. Last but by no means least, the fielding needs good attention by the players. It is important to understand that fielding is an art that can not be achieved overnight. It takes an honest individual interest and approach towards this aspect of the game in order to master it and that is about the foremost factor lacking from the game of the green shirts. Spirits have descended and the heads are down; yet, this crazy nation never gives up hope and that should strike the Pakistan cricket at least once so that they can start winching their fingers under the bowl more than winching chances of loss.


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