The Best 3D Printing Pen To Own Right Now

The trend of 3D printing has been growing across the world by leaps and bounds. With such massive growth in 3D printing technology, this opens doors to endless possibilities and a number of different applications. This is why it is quite hard to choose the best 3D printing pen out of many, for instance. Let us make that decision easier for you with our take on the best 3D printing pen available in the market.

best 3D printing pen

What is 3D a printing pen?

Prior to revealing the finest 3D printing pen, it is important to understand the concept of a 3D printing pen. You could think of it as a mobile 3D printer. The only difference is that the user is required to guide the head of the 3D printing pen by hand contrary to relying on electric motors and computer software as is the case with 3D printers.

How does a 3D printing pen work?

Patience, my friends. Let us also briefly dwell on the function of a 3D printing pen before we declare our finest pick. Akin to all other 3D printing gadgets, a 3D printing pen works when a plastic filament is heated up to the melting point. Once this is achieved, the soft, melted plastic can be fashioned into a shape of your liking. As this is done, the plastic begins to cool down and hardens into that specific shape.

7TECH 3D printing pen

7TECH 3D Drawing Pen

Finally, 7TECH 3D Drawing Pen is our pick for the best 3D printing pen available worldwide. It may not seem much different compared to other 3D pens on the market; however, it is quite different when you look beyond the hood. The best part is that 7TECH 3D Drawing Pen has been made with user-friendliness in mind. Whether you like to trace things on paper or draw stuff in the air, 7TECH can be the most fitting 3D printing pen for the job.

Firstly, the 7TECH easily fits in the hand since it is less bloated compared to other 3D pens. Weighing 65g, it is also much lighter compared to other 3D pens available in the market. Do not worry about burning your fingers in the process as the 3D printing pen comes with an aluminum spatula that safeguards the fingers when the 0.7mm nozzle is hot.

7TECH 3D drawing pen - 3d printing pen

Plus, the unclogging mechanism keeps you from inadvertently jamming your 3D pen. As a result, the pen can be maintained in perfect shape for a longer period of time. There is also an auto-standby feature that allows the 3D printing pen to enter standby mode if the pen stays idle for five minutes.

7TECH also offers a tiny LCD screen that not only refines the 3D drawing experience but also shows if the user is printing in PLA or ABS filament. 7TECH originally comes with an ABS filament with random colors by default. Users have the luxury of adjusting the heating temperature between 160 and 230 degrees using the various heat settings on offer.

3D printing pen

Moreover, this is the 3D printing pen for you if you prefer your pens to be quiet as you use them to create 3D objects. Thanks to the super silent features, 7TECH makes minimal noise compared to the other alternatives on the market. The fact that it only requires users to press some buttons to get it to work makes this a 3D printing pen which is fit for use by novices and experts, alike.

Undoubtedly, the best 3D printing pen not only allows control and a wide range of intuitive functions to its users, but also offers comfort, safety and ease of use. Perhaps, the only gripe we may have is the lack of nozzle sizes for 7TECH that could have added more functionality. Still, its simplicity and swift control makes 7TECH the best 3D printing pen that is worth the price of $72.

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