Super Falcon Mark II is your personal submarine that allows you to delve deeper underwater

If you are looking for an adventure with the whales under water, DeepFlight might have the right vehicle in store for you. Say hello to Super Falcon Mark II which is a complete makeover of the previous Mark I. With guaranteed comfort, safety and style, Mark II will help you delve deeper under water.

Super Falcon Mark II


Think of Mark II as a hybrid of submarine and plane. Two separate air-conditioned segments in the Mark II accommodate two people, each of whom can take charge of the submarine. It has seats made of carbon fibre and control consoles with digital display readouts. 17 feet in length, Mark II has also got a couple of bubble-glass compartments. It is incredibly lightweight and streamlined, thanks to a body made of carbon and deck plates of anodized aluminum.



Mark II is positively buoyant. This implies that the submarine automatically comes back to surface if the propellers seize to push it below. Lightweight hull and its low frontal area offers the best view to the pilot. It sticks out of the water when it rests on surface which allows for easy entry and exit passage.

Mark II


The submarine can be controlled using a joystick that operates the attached propellers to plunge the vehicle in the water. Finding your way ahead is made easy with the lights upfront. Whether you choose to drive it from the rear cockpit or the front, the three-axis control system will help it to navigate in the water.

Super Falcon


The lithium iron phosphate battery pack on-board along with the brush-less DC drivetrain make Mark II clean, quiet and speedy. The low electric signature means that the submarine can easily navigate around large animals as well as swimmers.

Personal submarine


If you wish to have your own Mark II, you better start saving up since this will set you back by $1.6m.

The specifications are as follows:

Length: 17 ft (5.2 metres)

Width: 8.9 ft (2.7 metres) with deployed wings, 4.6 ft (1.4m) with folded wings

Height: 5.2ft (1.6 metres)

Cruising speed: 2-6 knots

Max thrust: 509lbs (231kg)

Operating depth: 390ft (120 metres)

Crew: 2

Launch weight: 4,008lbs (1,818 kg)

Payload: 510lbs (230 kg)

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