Scientists Use Bird Feathers To Produce Paint That Never Fades

The modern day is all about great discoveries and inventions in the world of science. The latest great find seems to be paint that would last an entire life without wearing off. Engineers at Harvard deserve all the credit for discovering new methods of producing colour that would help in production of paint that does not fade. The choice of primary ingredients is interesting, though-bird feathers.

No fade paint

Jin-Gyu Park

Lead researcher Vinothan N. Manoharan believes that bird feathers do not lose the bright hues which make them a fitting choice. The nanostructures in the bird feathers amplify certain wavelengths, unlike colour from pigments. The structural colour is mainly attributed to the evenly spaced minute pores in bird feathers that reflect rather than absorbing light.

The research team intends to mimic similar effect by suspending microparticles in a solution. Once it dries out, the suspended microparticles would shrink and eventually converge. The shades formed will depend on the distance between each particle that causes the solution to dry out. This whole idea might sound complicated and taxing to your mind, so here’s a graphic to simplify things.

Nanostructured capsules

Jin-Gyu Park

The researchers feel that this might as well pave way for the production of ink that does not fade. Many would be thinking “tattoos” at this point but toxicity would be one factor to consider in that regard. It’s still early days for this experiment but imagine the possibilities if this really comes to pass. For displays that benefit from this experiment, the pixel boost will be amazing.

For more details, pay the official Harvard website a visit here.

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