The Girl Who Couldn’t Stop Laughing Wasn’t Misbehaving; She Had Brain Tumour

Imagine coming across a child laughing with no clue how and when to stop. What would be your first impression? ‘That child is crazy’ is what it would most probably be. That’s precisely the kind of thing that also fooled doctors in Bolavia into thinking that a six-year old girl was simply mischievous which is why she would constantly giggle and laugh with no stoppage. Doctor Burgos Zuleta thought differently; he believed things weren’t so funny afterall.

Brain scan of girl with laughing fit

A lesion in the second right temporal gyrus / Burgos Zuleta et al., ecancermedicalscience 2014

Guess what; his theory proved correct. A brain scan cleared the clouds over this little mystery. It revealed a brain tumour that was pressing against the girl’s temporal lobe. Despite the complications of the surgery Doctor Burgos Zuleta overcame all odds and was able to remove the brain tumor with the help of pioneering technology and his competent team.

Considering its importance, medical journal ecancermedicalscience published a report based on this. Here’s hoping that the incident raises awareness among people regarding the correlation of behavioral issues and serious illnesses. Next time you call somebody crazy, consider all those possibilities.

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