HIV Positive Nine-Month Old Baby May Have Been Cured Of HIV

One can only imagine the misfortune of an infant who is born with a virus as deadly as the HIV. As most would know, this is the same virus that eventually leads to AIDS. From thereon, the chances of one’s survival are ridiculously low. Doctors at Miller Children’s Hospital seem to have overcome this nemesis as a result of a number of treatments performed on a 9 month old baby merely four hours prior to her birth.

HIV infected baby

The HIV positive baby was born in Long Beach, California where the mindful medical experts already started treating her with antiretroviral drugs in the initial four hours of birth. The various drugs employed in the antiretroviral cocktail functioned as an inhibitor, thereby suppressing the activity of the virus itself.

Dr. Deborah Persaud announced that the baby had become HIV negative following the initial treatment. The anti-AIDS treatment is still an ongoing process as the baby still receives the antiretroviral cocktail. In light of this accomplishment, Persaud stresses the need to employ antiretroviral therapies early if valuable lives are to be saved.

HIV cure

It is important to note that this isn’t the first case where a new born contracted the HIV virus from an HIV infected mother. The first successfully treated child (presently 3.5 years of age) was taken off antiretroviral treatment a couple of years back. Doctors recognized that child’s case as ‘more shocking’ not just because it was the first ever such case but also because the cure followed a month of treatment.

Surely, the doctors deserve a salute for the unbelievable fortitude that reflects in medical breakthroughs such as this. On the bright side, yet another innocent child will (hopefully) be able to lead a happy and healthy life due to these tireless efforts. Here’s hoping that more research on the matter leads to even more efficient methods of eradicating HIV in the future.

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