Discovery Of Ancient Skeleton Proves Cancer Existed 3000 Years Ago

Cancer is believed to be a modern disease. However, researchers have stumbled upon something that could prove this wrong. PhD Student from Durham University, Micheala Binder discovered what is believed to be a diseased skeleton of a young man at Amara West site, Northern Sudan. Research on this skeleton suggested that it dates back to about 1200 BC. It didn’t take long for Binder to find out that the various holes in the skeleton were a cause of cancer.


The oldest case of cancer discovered before this was only 1000 years old. That also explains Ms. Binder’s surprise upon discovering a person from ancient Egyptian era was struck by the disease. During her conversation with BBC, she sounded hopeful about the discovery being  helpful in determining the ‘ancient’ causes of the disease and arriving at more effective methods to eradicate it. Dr. Kat Arney from Cancer Research UK is also optimistic about learning about the evolution of cancer once the analysis of DNA from the skeleton reveals gene mutations.

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