CDC Report Reveals Female-To-Female HIV Transmission Case

Let’s face it; female to female HIV transmission is rather uncommon. It’s not completely improbable, though. Center for Disease Control and Prevention has brought to light another such case. The reports suggest that a Texas based 46 year old woman may have acquired HIV from an HIV-positive partner due to ‘rough’ sex practices.


AFP Photo/Manjunath Kiran

The unnamed woman confirmed that she had not gotten physical with a male partner for the past 10 years. She engaged in sexual activity with her female partner about six months before her diagnosis. The couple denied having engaged in any other HIV-inducing activities such as getting tattooed or engaging in unprotected sex. Speaking of the female partner, the 43 year old had not been taking her medication since 2010 despite having been tested positive.


The report goes on to state that the HIV strain of the two female partners were genetic matches by as much as 98 percent. The details of the sexual activity between the two might help understand why. Ready for it? The two partners describe it rough to the point that they would draw blood during sex. What probably makes it worse is that they would engage in such unprotected practices even during menses.

Cases like these really beg the question as to why HIV remains a taboo. Why do people live in denial about it and discourage education on the matter? Don’t blush next time someone tries educating you on HIV since none of us came into this world by parthenogenesis. The sooner we realize this, the easier it will be to eradicate this mess.

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