SONY shows off PlayStation Vita ‘Face Control’ in its latest tech demo

Undoubtedly, PS Vita has started to look like a very promising device and equally amazing is the way developers have introduced it before the audience. Only just recently, SONY revealed an impressive tech demo during the aptly named Game Tools and Middleware event in Tokyo. The demo uncovered SONY’s fresh plans of incorporating face and gestures recognition and showcased the all new ‘Face Control’ that really took everybody with sheer surprise.

SONY did not exactly experiment with any games on the spot; yet, it demonstrated a real-time video hat feature which seemingly translated facial motions into on screen 3D avatar movements. Sony’s Yoshikatsu Kanemaru, the one who came up with the name ‘Face Control, hopes that developers will take advantage of the facial recognition tools and create games in which players can control movement with their face, hereby making full use of this latest technology.

In this edition, we bring you that particular footage that shows off PS Vita’s ‘Face control’ capability. Enjoy.

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