Rare PlayStation 4 Hardware Problem – Dead Digital Out Port?

What could be more hurtful than a newly bought next-gen console running into hardware problems? SONY was able to sell over a million PlayStation 4 consoles within a day following its launch which is quite an achievement in itself. However, a pleasingly low failure rate of 0.4 percent was something the company takes pride in. In hindsight, that’s nearly 4000 units so that’s still quite a significant number when considered in isolation. While there are much discussed hardware issues on the web, there’s a rare one that we recently came across and had no choice but to have the unit replaced – dead digital out (optical) port.

Digital out port


You must have noticed a red glow inside the digital out (optical) port of PlayStation consoles (located at the back). If you never cared to notice the digital out (optical) port altogether it wouldn’t be surprising since not many people even feel the need to use it. The red glow inside is an indicator of the power being supplied to the port. As it turns out, the unit we received was unable to register the headset transmitter that was connected via the optical cable. The cable had no issues connecting with the PS3 but a side by side comparison of the two ports (PS3’s and PS4’s) revealed that the former’s digital out (optical) port had a red glow inside while the latter’s was completely dark. Sending a brand new PlayStation 4 for repairs would have been a silly choice so it had to be sent to the vendor for replacement.

Digital output glow

Not even remotely close to resembling PS4’s rear but that’s the kind of glow you are looking for

It does seem like we were just highly unfortunate to have received a unit that suffered an issue that is really unheard of. It’s hard to imagine that there are people out there who suffer from these problems and decide to stay quite but we were unable to spot any such problems on any forums either. You may not need the digital out (optical) port yourself and you might think it’s okay even if your console seems to suffer from the same problem. However, this might be important for a second hand buyer if you decide to sell the console one day or you decide to buy yourself a surround sound headset for that matter. Having said that, let this be a heads up and make sure you test the digital out (optical) port, among other things, when you unbox your PlayStation 4.

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