Metal Gear Solid Developer, Kojima Unveils the Upcoming Metal Gear Solid HD Collection Contents

It is evident that Hideo Kojima, the proud developer of the Metal Gear Solid franchise, has been very active on Twitter in the recent past. Only just recently, Kojima detailed the differences between the upcoming Japanese and other Overseas versions. Yes, Kojima has offered a bit of extra information on the bundle via his tweets. Mind you, this development has come prior to this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo when Konami confirmed that the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection would feature Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty, Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, and last year’s Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker.


Kojima’s tweets came as a pleasant surprise for most: the gist of which is, players will be getting even more for their money with the package. First up, Kojima confirmed that Metal Gear Solid 3 featured in the package would be the Subsistence version of the game. This promises players some extra camera angles and various other extras in the game. Now moving on to the more unfortunate news, those of you based in Japan would miss out on the Peace Walker HD; however, the Japanese Metal Gear Solid HD Collection will include Metal Gear Solid accessible via a download code made available to Japanese gamers. On the contrary, bad news for Westerners is clearly the omission of the original Metal Gear Solid (well, saves them some nostalgia perhaps).



The west sure does seem to be taking the overall lead on this one as Metal Gear Solid (the Original) had always been up on PSN for grabs. Only sad part is that the Xbox 360 owners will miss out on the luxury no matter what. This will let down the Xbox 360 owners for sure. Do bear in mind though that the MGS 2 and MG3 will be based on the Substance and Subsistence releases respectively; and that the latter will include MGS 1 and 2 for the MSX.

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