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  1. luisilloguerra says:

    hi, how many times am i able to share a game ?

  2. luisilloguerra says:

    do i need to create several users or sub account for me to share the game lets say 10 times? how exactly does that work ? thanks !

  3. Hassan Aftab says:

    luisilloguerra If you meant to ask how many games, there is no limit to how many you can share as long as you have the ID (used to purchase content) set as Primary on your console.

  4. Hassan Aftab says:

    luisilloguerra Could you elaborate how and why you would want to share the game more than once? Are you implying you’d share it with several people or something else?

  5. luisilloguerra says:

    Hassan Aftab luisilloguerra   I thought you knew, i have 2 more brothers, we all have ps4s, but its kind of hard buying the same game 3 times right, so i wanted to know if thats possible

  6. SM_Hassan says:

    luisilloguerra Oh I see. Well, at one time only the original purchaser and ONE other user (two friends) can share the game. 

    You could try doing this: let one brother finish the game and make him set his own account as Primary on the console instead of yours. 

    Meanwhile, the third brother could set yours as Primary on his console and download the game to play. The two brothers could repeat this for exercise for all the games you buy. 

    I know it’s a hassle and involves longer waiting times (for one brother to finish the game before the other gets a go) but the other option is spending more money. So, it’s entirely upto you.

    PS: You say you thought I knew; umm, do we know each other?

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