Virtual Reality headset empowers disabled boy to play a piano with his eyes

One can’t be reprimanded for tagging virtual reality a mere gimmick. Afterall, they have delivered far less compared to how grandly it has been advertized. In light of recent developments, it turns out that its uses beyond movies and games are far more justifiable.

Eye Play

A VR headset designed by University of Tsukuba and Japanese manufacturer Fove has given power to a disabled boy’s eyes to do what his missing limbs can’t. Eye Play allows the boy to play a piano by merely using his eyes.

The VR headset registers each note as the wearer blinks on the panels. The interface is then able to track the movement of the eye. The note of choice is transmitted to the piano as a result of this. The student in view played the piano at the University of Tsukuba for a Christmas concert in December 2014. Interestingly, it took him hardly four months to practice the notes for the performance.

Fove is planning big with this VR device of theirs. They intend to help physically disabled children from 135 schools in Japan with the VR headset. For this purpose, they hope to raise a total sum of 1.5M yen. If you wish to contribute, simply head to their JustGiving page here.

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