Top Reasons for Your Smartphone Battery Dying Fast

Many of us smartphone owners are faced with a flurry of challenges, one being battery dying fast on our devices. Let’s be fair; one of the many features we seek in a smartphone is long battery life. Though, smartphone users often report cases of battery dying fast even with smartphones that are considered to have good battery life. Let us go over the top reasons for battery dying fast on your smartphone.

Smartphone battery dying fast

1. Active Connectivity Features

Connectivity features such as WiFi, Bluetooth GPS, NFC and mobile data do not need to remain switched on all the time. Afterall, they use a lot of power from your smartphone. The rationale behind keeping these on for some folks is “if the features are there, I must use them”. If you don’t need them in that particular moment, you are only compromising the battery life that you might need for an important call. Interestingly, constantly switching WiFi on and off can also lead to battery dying fast on your cell.

2. Using Autobrightness Feature

The fact that screens contribute to fast battery drainage should not come as a surprise. With the autobrightness mode on, the smartphone constantly undergoes changes in its brightness depending on the environment you are in. This only adds to the workload of the smartphone you are using. Since the smartphone strives to maintain this balance in brightness even in idle times, users notice battery dying fast as a result.

Battery dying fast

3. Using Vibration Feature

Keeping vibration on proves quite helpful, especially when you are travelling on a busy road or have the smartphone on silent mode during a meeting. However, this does not discount the fact that vibration consumes a good amount of energy on your smartphone. What we call the vibration motor works up the energy to vibrate the phone with the almighty power of the smartphone. If you notice your battery dying fast, this might be the reason.

4. Active Apps in Background

The more apps you have running in the background, the higher the chances of the battery dying fast. Afterall, apps in the background utilize lots of power from your smartphone. Unless you close the ones that are unnecessarily running in the background, these apps will continue to waste more and more  battery as time wears on.

Do you have other reasons in mind for battery dying fast on your smartphone? Please share them in the comments.

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