These Cool Trousers By Nokia Can Wirelessly Charge Your Smartphone

Who doesn’t use smartphone on the go? It’s nearly impossible to be out there without a smartphone in your pocket but that also means that your smartphone is likely to run out of charge. Ofcourse, it’s not always going to be feasible to spot an electrical outlet to recharge your handset. Nokia has collaborated with a British fashion designer A. Suavage to design a special kind of trousers that wirelessly charge Nokia Lumia smartphones.

Nokia charging trousers

More than just a fashion statement.

The trousers make use of the same piece of technology that is sported by DC-50 wireless charging plate by Nokia. Inductive charging means that the person wearing the trousers simply has to place the Lumia smartphone in the pocket to charge the phone. Talk about encouraging handsfree technology. While there is no word on the price of the trousers, you can expect them to be offered as part of fashion house’s Modern Man collection in future.

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