Best Tablets for Gaming That Can Replace Your Gaming PC

The world of gaming continues to get bigger and better in terms of graphics and performance. While console and PC gaming actively experiences improvements in this regard, mobile gaming has also joined this race of late. Gamers across the world not only value graphics but also game performance, since lag and dips in frame rate can adversely affect gaming experience. Here are the best tablets for gaming that ooze high quality performance.

Razer Edge Pro - Best tablets for gaming

Razer Edge Pro

Razer Edge Pro easily tops the list of the best tablets for gaming; there is good reason for it. The tablet packs quite the power under its hood, thanks to the powerful Core i7 processor and 2GB dedicated Nvidia 640M GPU. This explains why many gamers compare the graphics and performance of Razer Edge Pro to that of various high-end PC games. The only main drawbacks are the hefty price tag of $1,499 and excruciatingly low battery life of hour hours. Sadly, Razer has not been mass producing these tablets which is why they are a rare find these days.

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 - Best tablets for gaming

Microsoft Surface Pro 4

Surface Pro 4 is a tablet that promises to replace your laptop with ease and grace. No wonder it is one of the best tablets for gaming in this day and age. Sporting an Intel i7 processor and Intel Iris iGPU, this little beast can produce some impressive results when playing some of the most high-end PC games. For instance, it can play the likes of GTA: V at 30fps, Dying Light at 25fps and Dota 2 at native resolution. Performance understandably drops when playing Witcher 3 which only runs at 10fps at low settings.

Nvidia Shield Tablet - Best tablets for gaming

Nvidia Shield Tablet

Nvidia also makes a mark in the category of best tablets for gaming. Not only does this tablet allow you to stream games from PC that sports Nvidia GeForce graphics cards, but also lets gamers play Android games. Offering an 8-inch IPS display with a PPI of 283 and aspect ratio of 16:10, Nvidia Shield Tab has been crafted with mobile gaming in mind. It derives almighty power from Nvidia Tegra K1 chip which amalgamates 192-core ULP GeForce Kepler GPU and 2.2GHz Quad core Cortex-A15 processor.

Honorable mentions:

Apple iPad Air 2

Google Nexus 9

Acer Predator 8

SONY Xperia Z4 Tablet

Dell Venue 8 7000

If you feel there are other worthy contenders that deserve a mention in the list of best tablets for gaming, let us know in the comments.

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