Motorola Xoom Root and Unlock

Rooting the Xoom android

The  Xoom was Motorola’s answer to Apple’s  iPad. This is a short and easy guide to rooting your Xoom.

The following method is for rooting your Xoom using a Mac system. You should have the Android SDK already installed on your Xoom in order for this to work.

Download Necessary Files:

Download the XoomRoot

Download the FastBoot for MAC

You should have a folder as such:


Unzip both files that you have downloaded into this folder and follow the guiding points given below.

Rooting Guide

  • Open Utilities > Terminal
  • Find sdk/platform-tools (Eg: abc /home/b16/Documents/sdk/platform-tools
  • Type

./adb devices

This step will help you make sure your Xoom and Android Debug Bridge are connected.

  • Find your device, in this case Xoom
  • Type

./adb reboot bootloader

This command will enter you into the bootloader mode and allow you to give fast commands.

  • Type

chmod 755 fastboot

This will help in execution by changing fastboot binary permissions.

  • Type

./fastboot oem unlock

  • Choose unlock
  • Wait for reboot
  • Your device has now been ” hacked” and the warranty has become VOID. (We will be putting up another article about how to re-lock your Xoom and return it to original condition)
  • After reboot, type

adb reboot bootloader

  • Hit Enter to go back into bootloader mode
  • Type

./fastboot flash boot rootboot.img

Your device boot image will be flashed with this command.

  • Type

./fastboot reboot

With this the device will reboot and enter Android

  • In order to push the super user binary in, we will have to mount the system partition by typing

./adb remount

  • Type

./adb push su /system/bin

  • To enter the root shell and change the permissions of files, type

./adb shell

You will see this symbol: “#”

  • The super user binary permissions will be removed and it will work perfectly after typing

chmod 4755 /system/bin/su

  • Go back to the ” home” terminal by typing


  • After you type

./adb push Superuser.apk /system/app

you will finally be allowed access to the root. Congratulations, you have successfully rooted your Xoom and unlocked it.

Please remember: Rooting your devices is potentially dangerous because it can brick it. It will also void any warranty that the device may have. Little Boy Reports holds no liability in case this happens. We are only providing the method to root your device without any guarantees, and are not responsible for any problems that may arise.

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  1. Its worth the experience that rooting allows you to have unlimited amount of customization choices. Remember that be cautious and have the knowledge needed before rooting your phone.

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