These LG G3 Ads Will Make You Laugh (Especially If You Are A Woman)

Following the recent trend of taking jabs at the infamous (maybe not so much) Samsung Galaxy S5, LG jumps in with another take at the Galaxy S5.

LG outed 4 ads that promote its new Knock Code feature and targets the Galaxy S5’s so  called security features which could turn your family life into a disaster. Obviously, you can prevent that from happening if you own a G3 or any other latest LG phone, LG would want you to believe. We won’t make you wait any longer and you can start off with the first one where the fingerprint scanner is easily fooled. Even though the ads take jabs at S5, they are still pretty funny.

Next up is the face detection. And the poor guy has to face his angry wife so early in the morning.

It doesn’t end here though, next up is the pattern lock. Sister squabble is normal but why is the father running away?

We have saved the best for last and this time a guy has his hair torn by his not-so-calm wife. Serves him right for having such an easy pin code.

This guy isn’t looking at any other women again, that’s for sure.

You can prevent this from ever happening to you if you use a more secure method i.e. LG’s Knock Code or you can tell the truth and be at ease. You figure out which one works for you.

What do you think, is LG’s Knock code really innovative and useful or is it just another gimmicky feature that won’t be of much use? Let us know in the comments below.

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