The Netherlands Becomes The First Country To Legalize Carrier-Free SIM Cards

Carrier-free SIM cards are considered illegal in most parts of the world. However, the Netherlands becomes the first ever country to support the idea. The revised Telecommunications Act in the Netherlands meant that people residing in the Netherlands were no longer shackled by carriers. This means that the SIM cards that users carry will completely integrate with the cellular device.

SIM cards

mRoach, CC BY-SA 2.0

There is some reprieve for manufacturers as well. Afterall, there won’t be a need to enter into any contracts with a said carrier to gain support. This allows them to offer their SIM cards directly to customers and it is then upto the customers to settle with a carrier of choice. Apple tried this back in year 2010 but its carrier-free SIM card concept came crumbling down due to legal limitations.

Legalized carrier-free SIM cards sounds like justice done to customers. Hopefully, it won’t be restricted to the Netherlands and other countries will warm up to the idea soon. There’s no denying that freedom from international roaming charges is pretty tempting. Plus, you gotta agree it has a certain ring of freedom to it.

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