Rent and Watch Movies With Google Videos (Now also available for Android Users)

We had reported to you in the recent past about how Google decided to come down on rooted phones and gadgets by disallowing the Google videos functionality on rooted devices which ruled out the Android users from watching their rented movies through the official Google Videos app. In all fairness, lucky blokes with Xoom and Galaxy Tab 10.1 were the only ones left pleased with this added functionality, whereas most Android users were left in despair with Google movies blocked.

However, we did leave behind a ray of hope for those in despair to not let themselves down as it was, well, too little too early perhaps. As we quite rightly predicted, Google just recently decided to make its official videos application available to users running Android 2.2 or higher. Moreover, users will also be able to play their personal videos through the same application, besides streaming their rented movies.



It has certainly been quite a long wait for the good news to arrive (nearly two and a half months) but as they say, all is well that ends well. In the main,  Android users having Froyo (Android 2.2) or higher will now be able to rent movies of their choice from a wide variety of online database of Google Videos, stream live movies and watch personal videos through this very official application. Now a little more regarding the outlook and functionality of the application itself, the interface on the application is user-friendly and by all means convenient-to-use thereby sporting a number of tabs for quick and easy access. As for the two tabs sported by the application:
1) Personal Videos tab acts as your video library that contains all the captured videos from the device.
2) My Rentals tab keeps a record of all the rented movies and the top rentals on the Market. 

Moving on, a couple of customization features are also featured in the application that really speaks for the user-friendliness of the application in question. So, for instance if one does not wish to stream a movie live, it can be made available offline by tapping Menu>Manage Offline. More so, the application can even be set to download movies on a WiFi connection besides working on a mobile network. Font adjustments and warning notifications are a few other amenities to speak of, which can easily be tinkered with from the Settings menu. Also, online accounts can easily be managed on the Android Market which is easily accessible through a shortcut provided in the application.



So then, if you are an Android user and by any chance have a device featuring Android 2.2 or higher, waste no more time and head over to the Android Market to avail this peach of an application for your device. Market link and QR code to the app are provided below:

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