Nokia Employees Protest Out on the Streets

Nokia employees walkout protest

After the recent partnership between Nokia and Microsoft, the Finnish companies Symbian unit walked out in protest. As I had noted in that last post, Elop’s decision to shut down Meego and Symbian would leave many people with no jobs to go to in the morning.

As reports came about the shut down of the Symbian production unit, employees walked out, unsure of what to do next and where they stood. Half of the 3000 employees on the Nokia payroll work in the Symbian production unit and they now face unemployment. Hundreds of employees erupted from the building, waiting around in groups or waiting for buses to travel.

CEO Stephen Elop had announced their decision of an alliance with Microsoft and that they would now work with the Windows Phone 7 platform as opposed to Symbian and Meego. Dumping both of these has begun to show its effects in the apprehensions and protest of hundreds of employees who could now be jobless.

It would be a wise move from Elop to consider keeping on these employees for at least until they find new jobs because the Finnish people may not see this as a very wise move from a former Microsoft employee. Rumors are already circulating in inner circles of techies about Elop’s suspicious collaboration with his former boss.

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