Loopholes In Your iPhone Can Pose Great Threat To Its Security

fire eye finds iphone security threat

If you thought that Apple iPhone is all walled gardens and exposed to no security threat, better think again. Researchers from a Security Research Firm, FireEye have spotted major loopholes in the iPhone that can harm the security of your iPhone big time. It is this vulnerability that allows a viral app to fetch data containing detail of every single touch by the user. This information is then sent to an external server and may be misused at will. These touches could range from unlock patterns to the most sensitive apps you might never wanted one to know about.

iPhone Bug

The iPhone tested on by the FireEye is a non-jailbroken iOS 7.0 device. The concept app designed by the firm was able to keep records of all touches, home button presses, Touch ID presses as well as volume button presses. The recorded characters were easily reconstructed once they were received on the remote server.

iPhone virus

The vulnerability identified by the researchers lies in the multitasking functions of the iOS. Background refresh technology adopted by Apple allows this bug to function without a hitch as information is regularly collected in the background. Even with the background refresh option switched off, the viral app continues its operations in the background. Let’s hope Apple comes out with a patch to plug this hole soon. Until that comes to pass, we’re forced to make do with Task Manager apps. Sigh!

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