I Have a Front Facing Camera on my Samsung Vibrant, do you?

Well, not really. I don’t have a Vibrant. But for all you people who own the Samsung Vibrant, here is a very interesting way to get a front facing camera on your phone.

The people over at XDA have developed a very alluring, yet dangerous, method to do so. So, if you’re not afraid of opening up your Samsung Vibrant and are not going to faint when you see it in tiny pieces, go for it! 


Remember, opening up ANY phone will VOID YOUR WARRANTY. It also means that, even you are a certified geek, you stand to totally screw your phone if you lose even a screw. (snigger)

Here is how to do it:

-Compatible rom (Bionix fusion or eugene’s froyo or any rom that the dev specifically says ffc compatiable)
-JAC’s OC/UV Kernel. Stock kernel will not work, period. Voodoo should also work KK’s kernel also does not work.
-An FFC, of course (see below for where to get it)

1. Open your phone
2. Remove the 7 screws or so
3. Remove the internal battery cover.
4. Remove your Vibrant camera… it is snapped in under the cam chip.
5. Using Goof OFF! or denatured alcohol or something similar, dip a q-tip in the chemical, and slightly dab the whole where it is to go.
6. Let it sit for 10-20 minutes, and repeat (or if you are anxious, don’t wait…)
7. Using something plastic for the safety of the digitizer glass, and scrape out the gunk.
8. Now, definitely let everything dry before putting your phone back together, and MOST definitely before you put the battery in and turn it on. Give it 20-30 minutes to be safe… depends on the chemical used.

I used a flat head screw driver, which is metal, but if you choose this USE EXTREME CAUTION!!

For more info, go to my thread in the General section as I may have missed something/got something wrong in this post. It has been a while since I first did this mod…

Useful tidbits:
If you get force closes when trying to use a the cam, then you did not read instructions. Use the proper kernel.

Banding is present in low light conditions. This looks to be a software issue. Popular belief is that the phone is powering both cameras at the same time when either is called, and is basically confusing itself. This is a work in progress.

Software that is known to work is Fring, various lame mirror apps, etc. Android video calling is only available in Froyo, but I have not tested it recently since Eugene’s R3, so I cannot confirm that it working ATM. Tango may also work.

Attached the mach.aries file for those of you that wanna chip in and do some digging. Looks like most of the things we need are in there. Attached a .rar and a .zip file… for some reason I had both? It’s been a loooong couple weeks.

Epic camera:

How to Flash:

1. Download the ZIP and put it on the root of your INTERNAL SD Card.

2. Open ROM Manager and boot into ClockWorkMod (DO NOT use Stock Recovery) or boot into recovery the manual way.

3. Navigate down to “apply sdcard: select zip” and locate the .zip file in your internal SD card. Push the power button, navigate down to “YES” and push the power button once more.

4. Let it do its thing, and reboot. First boot *may* take an extra second… Play with new cam app.”

Courtesy of XDA Member.

You can read related comments and the original at xda.

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