How To Differentiate Between Original Samsung Galaxy S4 And A Fake?

How do you know if the Samsung Galaxy S4 you have is original or fake? Samsung is undoubtedly a leading smartphone producer when it comes to performance and high tech features. Its products are being sold in growing numbers, dominating the market and taking over control in the smartphone industry. The users are, however, often deceived by a number of fake Korean versions out there. The fake and the original products may look alike but the performances differ, significantly. This post will cast light on the original Samsung Galaxy S4 and its Korean replica so that you are not hoodwinked by a vendor next time you go for a purchase.

Too many Galaxy S4 Fakes

The sad truth – you better believe it.


The first thing you should do before you even go out in the market to buy your favorite smartphone is to do your homework and study the pros and cons, thoroughly. It may sound clichéd but you would be surprised how many people actually skip that one.

When you go to purchase a Samsung Galaxy S4, a very common phenomenon is that the fake replica would be sold at a fairly low price than the original handset while the replica will still be tagged as an original Samsung Galaxy S4. It’s up to you to wonder why the phone is being sold at such a low price. Hint: It’s a replica, definitely.

Key indicators

Here are a few key indicators that should help you tell them apart.

  • Low quality glossy paintjob on the phone.
  • Top and bottom bezels are considerably huge and the phone’s physical dimensions are the same so it shrinks the screen size a bit, and it’s not even a 5 inch display.

The left one shows a replica of Samsung Galaxy S4 with larger hazel on bottom and edges.

  • There is an IR LED on the original Samsung Galaxy S4 where as in the Korean replica there is just a dummy hole left on the top.
Original vs fake S4


 Further Proof

  • Samsung Galaxy S4 has a screen resolution of 1920 x 1080 (441 PPI) but the Korean clone only manages rough and pixelated images with its relatively dull display.
  • Samsung Galaxy S4 has a 13 MP primary camera, which is capable of capturing 4128 x 3096 pixels but the fake has a somewhat low quality camera hardware which doesn’t produce images as crispy as the original one. Plus, it also lacks the camera app functions like drama shot.
  • S4 comes with a built in storage of 16GB but the clone has limited storage of 4GB with merely 2GB being user accessible.
  • RAM is 1GB in most replicas whereas original Samsung Galaxy S4 comes with 2 gigs of RAM.
  • The LED flash on Samsung’s original is white coloured while the fake Samsung comes with LED flash that is usually yellow in colour.
  • An original Samsung Galaxy S4 never comes with pre-installed apps like WhatsApp, Twitter and Facebook but the fake one does.

  • Samsung has Air Gesture app which allows distant detection of hand movement with reference to the phone, and the original one has proximity ranging to 10cm whereas the clone lags behind with a maximum of 3cm.
  • Genuine S4 chipset is manufactured by Samsung while the fake comes with MediaTek or MTK brands usually who manufacture their chipsets. Benchmark Apps like Quadrant, Antutu and CPU-Z detect these features, easily.
  • Another way is to connect to the PC software by Samsung, KIES which will cause either failure to properly establish connection or will detect the fake phone.

When a fake S4 is rebooted after a factory reset, its startup language is defaulted to Korean.

Pictorial evidence worth a thousand words

Here are some other differences that you will notice:

Original S4 vs clone

Yes it says “Made in Korea” but don’t fall for it.

Original S4 vs Korean Clone

Appearances can be deceiving, right?

Original S4 vs Fake S4 back

If it’s too pretentious to be true, it probably is.

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40 Responses

  1. SohailSalimSukhiani says:

    Apart from these features .. is there any other difference in the usage? I mean if I only wish to use it as a good Smartphone will the korean one be useful enough ?

    • Aadil Shadman says:

      Yes there’s difference. Copy phones usually have cheaper processors, less RAM, poor screen so it won’t be a good phone. It would just be a phone that looks like the S4 but is a common low quality Chinese or Korean phone.

  2. SAIFUL says:

    Samsung set IMEI no correct. but set color and internal memory not massing. my phone memory 16 ,color white.
    my Samsung galaxy s4 i9505.
    imei no surch result:phone phone memory 32768 mb. set color black. why difference.
    please help phone original or fake.

    my set IMEI no.357377050782433

    • Aadil Shadman says:

      Can you please clarify your comment or write in Urdu instead?
      I checked the imei you provided and according to that your phone is original European device unless the imei has been copied from a real S4 and copied onto another. Some fake phones from China used to have duplicate imeis but they were banned by the government.

  3. Lawrence says:

    Mine s4 is made in Vietnam. Is it original, please

    • Hassan Aftab says:

      In order to check for the originality, it is important that you read the post in detail, especially the details under key indicators and further proof.

      The fact that it is made in Vietnam is no guarantee of its originality.
      Verify your imei information mentioned at the back of the phone in the battery compartment by checking that number on different IMEI information websites.
      Use Google to search for IMEI information websites.

      Be aware that even IMEI number can be duplicated these days. Thus, other hardware information is necessary to confirm if your S4 is original. I would advise you to go through the post in detail once more.

  4. rajaby says:

    thank you

  5. Lewis says:

    Thanks for the post. Very clear and to the point.
    The S4 I’ve just received from Amazon is just like the real one in all the circled detais except for the label in the last pic. My label is almost like the one on the right, but does not say “made in Korea etc” just says “made by Samsung”.
    So, where do I stand? Doesn’t the label design used Samsung vary at all? In which case, how comes the fakers don’t fake the label too? This is the easiest part to fake…

    • Aadil Shadman says:

      Do you mean the label that’s underneath the battery or the one on it?
      I would suggest you try connecting your phone to the Samsung Kies software. If it detects your phone you can be 99% certain your phone is real.
      Other than that, you can use a benchmark app to identify whether your phone is real of not. A fake will never be able to mimic that.
      There is a list of websites listed in other similar posts on this website. Those posts have mentioned websites at the bottom like where you can enter your imei and get the make and model number of yourself phone. Try those as well to confirm your phones originality. I think that should be more than enough to confirm where you stand.
      I assume they copy it to their local Galaxy S version that’s why there are differences in labels and names. There could also be the possibility of legal limitations if the fake ones are made in Korea.
      I will be happy to help you if there’s anything else you want to ask.

  6. pempho says:

    Well the replica is ok!!I mean 1gb ram is enough considering the price difference of these two phones!!

  7. Aamir Ijaz says:

    salam to all …hey guys there’s a simple way to know about the originality of urs smart phone.. go settings and then go android version if it’s original then show the jelly bean.. if it’s having fake then rotating in capital alphabet K..
    simple and easy way to know

    • Aadil Shadman says:

      Wa salam, thats not it mate. People with original S4s can update their phones to Kitkat by rooting the phone so that does not matter. OS version is the easiest way to fake and most fakes will come with a JB rom installed.

  8. Abenezer says:

    I can’t access my simcard on my original galaxy s4 why??? and the network is full but it says not registered net work when I try to call it only allows emergency service

    • Moazam Ali says:

      Is your phone rooted and stock?
      Can you show upload a screenshot? And go to about phone, check if you can see your baseband version.

  9. Ahmer Mansoor says:

    Explain very good … I understand and not any point glaxy s4 fake nd reall .. So very well job…Thanx👍

  10. Mark says:

    So very helpfull thnks bro

  11. Eric says:

    I want galaxy s4 original not korean

  12. Eric says:

    How much galaxys4 original

  13. ibad says:

    who is the best phone in s4 models
    I mean Vietnam made by Samsung or other

  14. irfan Raj says:

    my phone not shows its model number like i9505 when it gets on. it fake? but it is according to the marks u define and works for all the codes specific for the Samsung brand. …

  15. Kyel says:

    My Galaxy S4 is cannot be detected by samsung kies but it says i should download smart switch which is also a software from samsung and it detects my phone. Does it mean my phone is original?

  16. File joseph says:

    it happen this morning, I went to the market to look for Samsung note 3 they give the fake one and it looks like Original when i compare with the real one I found its fake

  17. prince says:

    please guys does Samsung s4 have internal memory upto 32g

  18. mujjasi sulaman says:

    i want hardware like screen and its cover. my mobile number is +256782507985 its original samsung Galaxy s4 helps me

  19. Stephanie says:

    My phone had all the real features except for the camera and the label underneath the battery where close enough to the fakes? It’s an amazing phone, like it works well, plenty of storage and camera quality is amazing.

    Does that mean my phone is a replica?

  20. ezan says:


  21. Md.Obaidullah says:

    Many Many Thanks Admin Brother For Helpful Information.

  22. เบอร์มงคล says:

    Very good post! We are linking to this great post on our site.
    Keep up the great writing.

  23. Kijakazi says:

    my samsung s4 imei not correct in It was made in Vietnam and its imei 358354665436514. my phone colour is white, phone model GT-19505, manufacturing date 2013-04-22, device type jflte, product name jfltezh, CSC country Hong Kong.

  24. Azam says:

    well thats good but someone please notify me I have S4 docomo with 2 GB ram and 32 GB rom made by japan, is it orignal or not and it’s have any value in market or not

  25. Asfan Ali says:

    Hahaha there os a huge diffenence bw the real and fakee… oppsss

  26. Nna says:

    Thanks a lot

  27. MILLION says:

    hey i have samsung s4 and am afraid may be that could be fake my android version is 5.0.2 and its internal storage is 32Gb and it has 22.9GB only, what i meant is the rest 9 point some thing has already caught with its running system. plus my (model number is GT-9505, Baseband version 19500LKLUGOF3, Kernel version 3.4.5-5050662 dpi@SWDD6201#1, Build number LEX22C.I9500LKLUGOF3

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