Google Movies Blocked on Rooted Devices

So Google decided to come down on rooted phones and gadgets really hard. Many Android users were frustrated when they saw the following screen instead of their usual Google Movies.

Root android google movies blocked


Google says:

Rooted devices are unsupported due to requirements related to copyright protection.

We have a feeling the developers over at XDA will soon find a solution to this (temporary) problem. So stay tuned and despair not. Follow me on TwitterFacebook or add us to your feeds so you dont miss out on any more updates.

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  1. August 13, 2011

    […] Rent and Watch Movies With Google Videos (Now also available for Android Users) by The Little Boy We had reported to you in the recent past about how Google decided to come down on rooted phones and gadgets by disallowing the Google videos functionality on rooted devices which ruled out the Android users from watching their rented movies through the official Google Videos app. In all fairness, lucky blokes with Xoom and Galaxy Tab 10.1 were the only ones left pleased with this added functionality, whereas most Android users were left in despair with Google movies blocked. […]

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