Five Amazon Fire Phone Features You Won’t Find On Other Phones

Amazon finally took the wraps off its long-hyped smartphone, the Fire Phone. The question is what sets this phone apart from the rest that should convince you to buy it? Let us go over those exclusive features that Amazon’s Fire Phone offers.

Firefly app

Firefly Application

Remember Shazam? Firefly works very similar to that as an application to discover and share TV and music but only exclusive to the Amazon phone. A physical button called the Firefly Button on the Fire Phone means that buying your stuff is quick and hassle free.

Point, shoot and buy with Fire Phone

Say Cheese and Buy

You don’t always want to browse through content to get what you may need. Why not use the phone camera to prompt the phone to detect and locate the content online? With Fire Phone, you only have to point the camera at the TV, book cover or bar code of the product you wish to find online. The Fire Phone recognizes it and begins the search online.

Free Unlimited Storage on Fire Phone

Free Unlimited Photo Storage

Like most smartphones out there, Fire Phone supports 32GB or 64GB storage. However, Amazon seems to have paid a lot of attention to photo storage as photos can also be uploaded to Cloud Drive free of cost. Not only is it free but it’s also unlimited.

Fire Phone 3D

The World of 3D Within

The Fire Phone was rumoured as an ultimate 3D experience. You shall find the 3D featured pretty much throughout the Fire Phone. If you lock your eyes on some content on the phone and move your head, you’ll notice the content moving in the same direction. This dynamic 3D perspective holds true not only in case of photos but the lock screen too. Imagine the potential of games that could use that feature.

Fire Phone Mayday

Mayday! Mayday!

Customer support plays an important role in the decision making of many who go out to buy a phone. Mayday worked really well for Kindle Fire HDX last year. It’s an app that can be activated by a single tap whenever the services of a customer support representative are needed. You will see the representative on your screen within seconds to guide you.  What better phone than Fire Phone to enjoy that luxury?

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