Dont Buy the Verizon iPhone!

dont buy verizon iphone

Verizon has reportedly told its employees not to buy the Apple iPhone. This information, as released by a memo on Apple Insider, tells people working for the Verizon company that they expect an overwhelming response form the Verizon users for pre orders.

In anticipation of “unprecedented demand” that could outstrip the initial supply of CDMA iPhone 4s, Verizon Wireless has sent a corporate memo strongly urging its employees to hold off on buying the handset for themselves and their families “for the time being.”

People are already reporting problems in signing up for their new iPhone at the Verizon website. The approximately 94 million Verizon users can’t all be awake at this time of the night, can they? It seems they are. Verizon is expecting its user base to go up by 11 million due to this collaboration with Apple’s iPhone.  According to Tim Cook, Chief Operating Officer:
“We do still have a significant backlog…We are working around the clock to build more.” According to Cook, Apple expects “huge” results from the Verizon launch, but is unable to predict when supply and demand will equal. (courtesy Apple Insider)

What users need to remember, however, is that this is not a new iPhone. It is merely a change of carrier. This update does not mean that getting the iPhone now will mean no new iPhone in June 2011. Of course, you must already have known that Apple will, as usual, release a new iPhone in June and then, the millions of people who have spent cash on buying the old iphone just five months ago will be quite perplexed. Will you buy another iPhone then, come June? Even if you want to, being in a two year contract with Verizon iPhone 4, will not allow you to do so. I wonder if Apple has thought of how its Apple iPhone 5 sales will be affected by this.

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  1. Patrick says:

    Well, considering the fact that the iPhone5 (if it is in fact released this summer) is definitely to be an AT&T exclusive phone upon it’s launch, why would I wait until June? Just to see AT&T customers get an iPhone that we don’t even know if it will run on the 4G LTE network, for which AT&T doesn’t have set up yet?

  1. February 3, 2011

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