Differentiate an Original Samsung Galaxy S5 From a Fake

Samsung Galaxy S5 was a major upgrade over the Galaxy S4 in terms of design and specs; though, the design language remained the same as the predecessors. Great sales of the Galaxy S5 meant that copy-cats tried their best to steal some of the profit by making Galaxy S5 fake clones. This comprehensive hardware and software comparison between the original Samsung Galaxy S5 and the fake Chinese and Korean copies will help you differentiate between the two.



Original Galaxy S5 box looks slightly different from that of the fake.

There is almost no difference between the original box from Samsung and the fake ones on the market. To spot an original Samsung Galaxy S5 box, simply examine the stickers. An original Samsung Galaxy S5 box will come with a sticker detailing its color, bar code and its IMEI number. Boxes of fake Galaxy S5 lack any such stickers.

If you happen to buy a European model, it should also come with a sticker stating that the phone will only work with a European sim card so long as it is region unlocked.

Micro USB slot

This is the Galaxy S5 USB slot.


The Samsung Galaxy S5 comes with a micro USB 3.0 port. All fake S5 smartphones sport the micro USB 2.0 port. Thus, the difference can be easily spotted. Just know that the micro USB 3.0 port is noticeably larger and is covered by a flip cover that makes the slot water-resistant.

Back Cover

This is the original Samsung Galaxy S5 back cover.

The build quality of an original Samsung Galaxy S5 and an S5 clone is hard to differentiate when it comes to the type of plastic used at the back. The only major difference is not outside, but rather inside the cover. The back cover of the original S5 has a rubber lining on its inner side which makes it water resistant while the fake has a clear back.

This is what an original Galaxy S5 rear looks like.

When the cover is removed, the rear is quite different between a real and a fake Galaxy S5. The batteries on the fake ones usually mention Samsung but do NOT fall for it. A fake Galaxy S5 has shiny metallic bezels for the camera and has a strange cover at the bottom. A fake Galaxy S5 usually has visible and large screws at the back too.


Original Galaxy S5 display

There is a major difference in the original Samsung Galaxy S5 and the fake one’s screens. Since the real Galaxy S5 uses AMOLED display technology, the black color on a S5 really dark and dense. The real Galaxy S5 comes with a 5.1-inch FullHD (1080p) display, meaning the user won’t be able to identify pixels easily even if they look at the display up close. In addition, the original Samsung Galaxy S5 sports very saturated colors.

Conversely, a fake S5 would rock a relatively pixelated display. If someone can identify individual pixels on their Galaxy S5 from some distance away, their Galaxy S5 is a clone. A fake would also have a bland display with dark grey blacks.


Original S5 camera

The camera app on a fake S5 looks a bit like Samsung’s. It comes with the same icons for mode and settings, but it has none of the functions that are available on the original Samsung Galaxy S5. It does not feature amenities such as real-time HDR, drama shot, eraser mode or any other Samsung special camera modes. Though, a fake copy would have the option for HDR or panorama; two things that are available on the default camera Android camera.


Touchwiz UI

Original S5 software

The original Samsung Galaxy S5 comes with TouchWiz UI that contains a whole lot of features like Multi-window, mini player, heart-rate sensor and many others. A fake Galaxy S5 copies the looks of the interface but does not have these advanced features. The Galaxy S5 usually comes with Android 4.4 Kitkat but is now upgradeable to Android 5.0 Lollipop, which looks like the image above.

Samsung Kies

Samsung Galaxy S5 Kies

Samsung Kies is used to connect to Samsung phones and perform different operations like backup, sync and media transfer etc. When a user runs the Kies software and connects the Galaxy S5 via the original data cable, the phone is shown as connected and a notifications confirms it on both the PC and the phone. If the phone is an S5 replica, a notification will show failure to properly establish connection with the phone or detect the fake phone. It is one of the easiest and most authentic way of verifying the originality of the Galaxy S5.

Phone specifications

Galaxy S5 benchmarks

To confirm the originality of the Galaxy S5, any benchmark app can be used to view the specifications of the phone. Benchmark Apps like Quadrant, Antutu and CPU-Z are very commonly used and can show the specifications of the phone. Run any of these apps and compare the specifications against the screenshot shown above or from the data within those apps. Faking a benchmark is impossible and some benchmark apps even notify users when they are installed on a fake copy smartphone.
Note: The model number and specifications of the Galaxy S5 may vary depending on the region. Also, the software will get upgraded to newer versions as they get released so these are to be ignored when comparing the specifications.

IMEI number

Original Samsung Galaxy S5 IMEI
IMEI numbers of the Samsung Galaxy S5 can be used to identify whether the phone has been stolen or if it is indeed the real deal. The first thing to do is to enter *#06# on the dialpad of your S5 and you will be presented with a 15-digit number. You can use this number to identify detailed information regarding your Galaxy S5 by entering it on any of the following websites which show stolen phone information and phone model using only the IMEI:

These websites can be used when you are buying a phone and don’t have much time to check whether the phone is fake or not.

As always, we would like to advise our readers to conduct proper research prior to buying any smartphone. Choose phones based on what you require so that you are not disappointed when your hard-earned money doesn’t get you what you would have actually wanted.

If you want a comparison between any other original smartphones and their replicas, follow us on the links provided below and we’ll do our best to bring you a complete comparison as soon as we can.

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