Differentiate an Original Samsung Galaxy S6 From a Fake

Differentiating between an original Samsung Galaxy S6 and a fake is often tough for the average user because increased sales have brought even more Galaxy S6 fake clones in the market. With the Galaxy S6, Samsung has rebooted their flagship ideology. The Galaxy S6 comes with a new premium design language, seen for the first time on a Samsung Galaxy device. The new Galaxy smartphone is seeing sales better than any of its predecessors, a proof that people accept the change that the Korean giant has brought.

Here is a comprehensive hardware and software comparison between the original Samsung Galaxy S6 and the fake Chinese and Korean copies to help you differentiate between the two.



Original Samsung Galaxy S6 box

The first thing someone will get a hold of is the box that contains the Galaxy S6. The boxes in the image above seem to be very similar at first sight but the boxes for original Samsung Galaxy S6 and those for the fake handsets do have quite some differences. Usually, the fake boxes won’t have a sticker showing phone information like the IMEI, a bar code, phone colour or model.

Back Cover

Original Samsung Galaxy S6 back cover

The first thing to note after removing the phone from the box is to check the back of the Galaxy S6. Original Samsung Galaxy S6 comes with a durable and high quality glass back while a cheaper fake version would usually have a glass-like back made out of plastic. Simply tap on the back of the phone and the low quality back of the fake will make a plasticky sound.


Original Samsung Galaxy S6 display

There is a major difference in the original Samsung Galaxy S6 and the fake variant’s screens. The real one comes with a 5.1-inch 2K display, meaning the user won’t be able to identify pixels even if they look at the display up close. The original Samsung Galaxy S6 has an AMOLED display with very saturated colours and deep blacks.

A fake S6 would have a screen which a pixelated display. If someone can identify individual pixels on their S6 clearly, their S6 is a fake. A fake would also have a bland display with dark gray blacks. Another thing to notice is the area surrounding the display. A fake S6 will have thick black bars surrounding the screen from all sides.


Original Samsung Galaxy S6 camera

The Galaxy S6 features a high quality 16 mega-pixel camera, one of the best in the market. Any smartphone user will be able to identify a fake Galaxy S6’s camera as it takes low quality pictures which show a lot of noise when zoomed in. The original Samsung Galaxy S6 also features a minimalistic interface with controls around the edges with a lot of modes and effects that can be viewed in real-time in the view finder.


Software version

Original Samsung Galaxy S6 software

To identify the the software version of a smartphone go to Settings > About Phone and check the Android version. The original Samsung Galaxy S6 comes with Android 5.0 Lollipop out of the box while a fake is most likely to have a 4.X Jellybean or KitKat iteration.

TouchWiz UI

Original Samsung Galaxy S6 UI

The Galaxy S6 comes with an updated TouchWiz UI with a whole lot of features like Multi-window, mini player, heart-rate sensor and many others. A fake S6 copies the looks of the interface but does not have these advanced features.

Samsung Kies

Original Samsung Galaxy S6 connected to KIES

Samsung Kies is used to connect to Samsung phones and perform different operations like backup, sync and media transfer etc. When a user runs the Kies software and connects the Galaxy S6 via the original data cable, the connected phone is shown as connected and a notifications confirms it. If the phone is an S6 replica, a notification will show failure to properly establish connection with the phone or detect the fake phone.

Phone specifications

Original Samsung Galaxy S6 specs
To confirm the originality of the S6, any benchmark app can be used to view the specifications of the phone. Benchmark Apps like Quadrant, Antutu and CPU-Z are very commonly used and can show the specifications of the phone. Run any of these apps and compare the specifications against the screenshot shown above.
Note: The model number may very according to the region and the software will get upgraded to newer versions as they get released so these are to be ignored when comparing the specifications.

IMEI number

Original Samsung Galaxy S6 IMEI
IMEI numbers can be used to identify whether the phone has been stolen or if it is indeed the real deal. The first thing to do is to enter *#06# on the dial and you will be presented with a 15-digit number. You can use this number to identify detailed information regarding your Galaxy S6 by entering it on any of the following websites which show stolen phone information and phone model using only the IMEI:

Finally, we would like to advise our readers to do proper research prior to buying any phone. Choose phones based on what you require so that you don’t have to be disappointed as your hard-earned money doesn’t get you what you would have wanted.

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