How to Protect Your Charging Cables from Severe Damage?

It is not unusual for charging cables to get damaged. Infact, it has emerged as a common problem among many of us. Once that rubber covering comes off, the fine wires inside can undergo even more damage. This brief tutorial will help you protect your charging cables from being damaged.

Ballpoint spring

Ballpoint to the rescue

You must have seen those pens with the option to click and write. If you have, you must have noticed the spring inside them. Simply take out that spring from a ballpoint low on ink.

Cable protection

Stretch it for the right match

Once you get the spring out, begin to stretch it sideways. Be careful not to carelessly pull it apart. Just widen it and wrap it around the front end of your charging cable.

Charging cable protection

Twist and turn to make it firm

Twist the spring around the cable so that it achieves a firm grip over it. This firm attachment will make sure the cable suffers from no more damage as it is strongly held in one position.

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