Five Mind-Boggling Announcements at CES 2015

A number of great devices have been announced at this year’s CES in Las Vegas. However, there have also been some of the most mind-boggling announcements in there. Allow me to present five of the strangest devices on display this time around.


1. Thync

There has been a plethora of wearable fitness devices announced of late. While Thync is a wearable device, it seems to be one of a kind. This weird device is said to determine one’s mood to subsequently alter it by transmitting waves to particular neutral spots. Weird as it may sound, the developers have already raised $13 million.

Toshiba ChichiraAico

2. ChichiraAico Robot

This was always the future, wasn’t it? Toshiba has now unveiled a communication Android that is capable of playing the role of an office worker and a house maid. Full-fledged body gestures and realistic facial expressions would make you treat this fellow with a bit more courtesy. It’s going to be weird having a stranger in the house, nonetheless.


3. Rocketskates

This might seem like something straight out of the Jetsons. These motorized skates are strapped to the shoes and take wearers around at 10 miles per hour. Don’t worry about being led astray as you can keep it on track using your Smartphone.

CE Air 2

4. Axxess CE Air 2

Yet another product that might seem like it belongs to a movie is this little beauty. This one is a floating Bluetooth speaker that hovers over its base. The rather catchy design has won it the CES Innovation Award. Axxess CE Air 2 still misses a patent but it would be interesting to see it move past the prototype phase.

Oral-B Connected Toothbrush

5. Oral-B Connected Toothbrush

Slowly but surely, technology is starting to affect EVERY aspect of our lives. Now it’s even coming to your toothbrush with this recent innovation. It comes equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 and records a person’s brushing activity. It keeps you motivated to take better care of your teeth and even shares your data with the dentist over the internet. Convenient, huh?

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