Best Tracking Devices For Finding Lost Items

So many of us lose various items day in and day out. How often do we wish we had a tracking device that could help us keep track of our items? Life would be so much easier if there was a device that could find us our lost valuables. Can you imagine how much stress, frustration, anger and sadness it would save us? You are in luck folks, as we present to you the best tracking devices for finding lost items.

Best tracking devices

StickR TrackR

StickR TrackR is undoubtedly the best when it comes to locating your lost valuables. This is mainly a result of it being so versatile in its functions. Thanks to its Crowd GPS functionality, TrackR can find a range of lost items. Not only can this device locate your lost luggage but it can also keep track of your lost pets.

StickR TrackR - Best tracking devices

The device also sports a two-way finder that helps ring the TrackR device with a high frequency sound using the app. Couple that with a separation alert that notifies you once your valuables are a certain distance away from you. Distance indicator certainly helps as a precautionary measure. The good thing is that both, iOS and Android users can reap its benefits since there is a dedicated app for both OSes.

TrackR Bravo

Developed by the same company that brings us TrackR, TrackR Bravo is also one of the best tracking devices. If you have a weakness for colours, the wide variety of colours that this device comes in may well tickle your fancy. As a result, it finds you your lost items with some grace and style. Did we mention that TrackR Bravo is advertised as the thinnest tracking device?

TrackR Bravo - Best tracking devices

The device covers a distance of a whopping 100 feet. The Crowd GPS functionality allows you to locate the item even if it exceeds that range. As soon as another TrackR app user happens to be in the vicinity of the lost item, a notification is sent to the TrackR server which allows the original user to retrieve the lost item. This one also comes with the 2-way finder which makes the process of locating items easier.


This innovative tracking device is the size of a matchbook but is capable of spotting such things as a stolen vehicle, wallets, keys or anything for that matter. The Bluetooth device consumes minimal energy to perform this job which conserves quite a lot of battery. The range can be extended if you use the Bluetooth network of any iPhone that run the Tile app.

Tile - Best tracking devices

In case there is a lost item that lies outside the range, mark it and a signal is sent out to other Tile apps which can search your valuable for you. The device also notifies you of the exact distance of your items. Rest assured, the device is secure as it only shows you where your valuables are unless you share access with others to locate your items for you. Ofcourse, you can also ring your device with the Tile app.

Honorable mentions:

Wallet TrackR



If you have an idea for a tracking device that you feel is one of the best tracking devices, let us know in the comments below.

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