This New Organic Battery Is Not Only Cheap But Environmentally Friendly

The focus on eco-friendliness is more than it ever was. Manufacturers seem to be taking note of the increasing trend and it is starting to reflect in various products. What about the batteries, one might wonder. Most of them constitute toxic materials which makes pollution somewhat inevitable. We may not have to worry about that courtesy of a water-based organic battery that scientists at University of Southern California have designed for more efficient use in power plants.

Organic battery

Professor Sri Narayan at University of South California believes that the battery would have upto 5000 recharge cycles which roughly translates into 15 years. He compares this to Lithium Ion’s 1000 recharge cycles that cost nearly 10 times to produce. The scientists genuinely believe that organic flow batteries are the future considering their cost efficiency, reliability as well as simplicity.

Use in power plants would help store larger amounts of energy for later use. This, in turn, makes renewable energy resources more useful in a country’s power generation. Think of it this way: solar energy is only able to generate power as long as the sun is out but retention of that energy is nearly as crucial to meet demand. That’s where these batteries come handy. Add to that the ecofriendly nature; you got yourself the perfect battery.

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