Motorola’s E-Tattoo and Magic Password Pill Could Be The Answer To All Your Digital Security Issues; Say Goodbye To The Likes Of Heartbleed

Internet security is a serious issue, and vulnerabilities such as the infamous Heartbleed only pave way for hackers into our systems. Strong passwords are recommended to counter that, you might argue. Sure, but the OpenSSL that accounts for nearly 66 percent of the internet security is so vulnerable that even strong passwords don’t offer sufficient safeguard. Over the years a number of possible solutions have been suggested including facial recognition and fingerprint authentication with focus on one’s body as the sole element of identification. Motorola seems to have planned along those same lines; just that it incorporates a patented e-tattoo to translate unvocalized words in the throat into thoughts and a magic pill to turn you into your own authentication key.



It’s actually a really clever thought if you think about it. What’s delicate and flexible? Neither smartphones nor personal computers, but the human body is. Head of advanced research Motorola, Regina Dugan was the first to showcase a digital tattoo along with a one-day pill at the D11 conference last year. So, where would you want to wear the e-tattoo? Hold that thought; it will be inscribed over your vocal cords. Whether it makes you look cool like Agent 47 from Hitman (bright side: your e-tattoo is more pronounced than a bar code at the back of the head) is a matter of personal judgment. This will help the device to fetch the faintest of whispering that doesn’t even require complete approval from the brain.

Interestingly, throat microphones are already used to register auditory signals in jet fighters. Then there are those Kinect devices for Xbox 360 with the open-air microphones to record voice commands. These may enjoy the benefit of working fairly well in noisy environments but none of them is able to pick an unvoiced signal. That’s where Motorola’s differentiated product could work wonders. Auditory signals picked by the e-tattoo are converted into a digital signal. The transformation is so secure that at no point can the speech be recognized even if it is put through a transducer to uncover it.

MC10 E-Tattoo

Being able to exercise such covert training to activate a locked device in a crowd without having to utter a word aloud really says a lot (or does it?). Why bother speaking to Google Now or Siri anymore when you could simply have them in your thoughts (pun intended)? Don’t worry about the physical state of the tattoo; you can’t lose it without cutting the flesh out (in case you are excruciatingly critical of Google keeping tabs on you).

Magic Pill

A magic pill a day keeps everyone but the swallower away.

The magic one-day pill follows pretty much the same concept. It contains a tiny chip inside along with what’s termed as the inside out potato battery. Swallow the pill and let the gastric acid connect it to your system as a potential electrolyte to the magic pill. Once that comes to pass, an 18 bit signal generates within the body. Congratulations, you are now your own walking authentication source. Just imagine, whatever you touch authenticates you in. Who needs those car keys anymore, right?

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