GL-10 Is a 10-Engine Electric Plane by NASA That Hovers Like a Helicopter

The Langley Research Center team at NASA is currently working on a new electric plane concept. The battery-powered electric plane by NASA is said to have 10 engines which will help it to take off such as a helicopter does and efficeintly fly like an aircraft. The team at NASA has decided to call this 10-engine electric plane the Greased Lightning aka GL-10.

Electric plane by NASA has ten engines.

Initially, the team planned to build a hybrid plane powered by diesel and electric engines with a wingspan of 6.1 meters. Soon after, they changed their plans and began to work on smaller electric planes for testing that they built courtesy of rapid prototyping. Ofcourse, this electric plane by NASA is remotely piloted.

Electric plane by NASA can take off like a helicopter.

The engineers tested the wings of the Greased Lightning at a military base which quite far from the Langley Research Center. Ten engines are not the only thing interesting about this electric plane by NASA; it also has two electric motors on its tail, eight electric motors on its wings and a maximum weight of 62 pounds when it is taking off in a way that a helicopter does.

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