Don’t Bother Carrying A Water Bottle Anymore; Eat It Up!

How many times have you found yourself short of a water bottle? Even if that wasn’t a problem, how many times have you felt burdened with an empty one with no recycle bins around? It turns out that three London-based industrial design students have mitigated this problem of yours with something called Ooho. This blob of water is layered with a slim membrane which is edible. Goodbye, waste materials!

This new innovation was accomplished using a process called spherification. It involves dropping liquid in alginate solution that creates a gel coat around the liquid. Gastronomy techniques such as these could also offer economic advantages. A simple comparison of the cost of widely available bottled water to a miserly cost of $0.02 per Ooho tells the story. Ofcourse, it will be important to determine how it will remain clean and how firm it needs to be to prevent spillage. However, one just can’t deny the benefits…and that form!

Source: FastCoExist

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