Coolest Car Features In the World

There is no denying that cars are among man’s most sophisticated creations. It might sound cliched but they come in all shapes, colours and sizes. Here are some of the coolest car features that should make you stop and stare.

Coolest car features

Spoilers of Pagani Huayra

Coolest car features of Pagani Huayra

Akin to the ailerons of an airplane, these fascinating spoilers can adjust themselves to maintain sufficient downforce. Though, the spoilers on Pagani are quite distinct from other spoilers in the sense that they can unevenly adjust. This enables better braking as the surface area is increased, which allows for an enhanced driving experienced.

Bluetooth integration with VW Polo Highline

Coolest car features of VW Polo Highline

This can be easily placed high on the list of top coolest car features. Drivers can conveniently integrate their smartphones with their ride.  Thanks to the steering mounted control, drivers do not need to pull out their phone when they need to answer a call; the voice commands do the trick. For instance, if you own a Nokia Lumia, Cortana registers your voice commands and acts accordingly.

Airscarf for Mercedez Benz SLK

Coolest car features of Mercedez Benz SLK

This neck heater installed within the headrest of Mercedez Benz is certainly one of the coolest car features we have seen so far. At first, it may sound like a bland idea featuring an over-engineered hair dryer within the driving seat. However, you may have discounted the fact that this feature would be heavenly in winters as you drive with ease and comfort with the warmth at the back of your head.

Adaptive cruise control for Infiniti

Coolest car features of Infiniti

This particular feature identifies any cars ahead of yours and slows down your own car. Once the car ahead switches lane or covers a safe distance, it speeds up the car once again. While it does not mean you totally rely on the feature and try to take a shut eye as you drive, it is still a bonus feature that should add to your safety as a driver.

Matrix laser headlights for Audi

Coolest car features for Audi

When it comes to coolest car features, Audi is a name that deserves a mention. In particular, the rasterized laser headlights on the car fascinate all and sundry. Within the headlamp of the car, the lasers shine on a Texas Instruments Digital Light Processing micromirror. This is similar to the effect you experience with digital film projectors. This means that these lights let you project images on the road ahead. Imagine watching netflix literally on the road or a truck ahead as you go (this does incentive the concept of keeping your eyes on the road).

Honourable mentions:

Self parking for Audi A7

Kidney grille for BMW 7

Reverse parking sensors for Hyundai i20

Over-the-air software updates for Model S

Do you believe you could add to this list of coolest car features? Let us know in the comments below.

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