NSA is Using Fake Facebook Servers to Spy on You

I don’t suppose you would be surprised if I were to tell you NSA is keeping tabs on you. Of course not, your grandparents would have enlightened you of that fact years ago. However, it’s not so much about whether NSA is spying or you but more about how it is accomplishing it. Glenn Greenwald and Ryan Gallagher at The Intercept recently reported that the NSA is using Facebook servers to spy on people. What better way to ‘connect’ to people, right?

Edward Snowden, Ex NSA contractor, was the first to point out that the NSA often impersonates Facebook so as to prompt users to download a viral code and that’s how malware spreads across a number of computers. No, it doesn’t follow up with message stating the obvious ‘you have been played’, in case you were left wondering. Commonly referred to by NSA as QUANTUM, this new program puts the control of various computers in the grasps of NSA.


The reports followed up by Greenwald’s suggested that NSA disguised itself as a non-existent Facebook server in order to infiltrate people’s hard drives. Based on the classified documents that Snowden gave to him, Greenwald noticed that NSA was mailing spam messages lined with malware. This would capture images through the webcam and the audio. Quite often access is denied to certain websites and some downloads are corrupted and disrupted.

As a program that was targeted at nearly 150 specific computers, it even underwent beta testing with a target figure of a dozen computers in 2010. Make no mistake about it; though, several million computers are expected to have been affected. TURBINE is said to be the automated program that may have been the primary reason for this widespread malware. You know what that program was capable of? It could potentially annihilate your PC…yeah I know that look.

Eyes on you

Various implants were also introduced by the report. One by the codename UNITEDRAKE could give NSA total control of a malware-stricken computer. CAPTIVATEDAUDIENCE would specifically target the PC’s microphone to record all conversations that took place in the vicinity of the computer. GUMFISH would find its place in the webcam and shoot pictures without the target noticing a thing. FOGGYBOTTOM recorded internet browsing history and capture login details. GROK logs keystrokes, which may not be new to most. Finally, SALVAGERABBIT would infiltrate the external hard drives connected to the infected PCs.

So then, there it is. NSA might well be spying on you with some help from Facebook, afterall. It is amazing to see how detailed this ‘Owning the Net’ program is. However, with Facebook on one’s side the details are the least of one’s worries. Talk about redefining social media.

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