Mozilla Firefox 4 Withdrawn Due to Bugs

On Thursday a security researcher at North Pennsylvania Institute discovered a serious bug in the browser’s core module, which may be operating system to crash immediately when certain pages are visited. The bug is triggered if the HTML code on a website containing two levels of table elements, then a table in another table. The browser Firefox 4 which was released almost two weeks ago has already been downloaded over 10 million times.

Researchers also warn that hackers can take advantage of the bug. By injecting the tables via the database on a site, a so-called SQL injection, a hacker can cause the visitor’s computer and website to crash.

The bug is in all Windows versions of Firefox 4, and Linux variants. The Mac version will however not be affected.

Upload firefox browser bugs

Since the bug is too deep in the Firefox core module it can not be fixed with a regular update. Mozilla will therefore withdraw all the downloaded installation files manually via a form on their website. Later, on Friday afternoon you should be able to upload your own copy of Firefox 4 to the FireFox website.

If you do not have internet access it will be possible to transfer the installation files on a storage card and send by post to:
Mozilla Corporation, 650 Castro Street, Suite 300, Mountain View, CA, 94041-2021, USA. Mark the envelope “Firefox 4-team”.

Both Google and Microsoft are now investigating whether their browser can be affected by the same bug. Click here to go to the Firefox upload form page.


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