Microsoft Taking Windows XP Off Life Support; Wants You To Move On With Its $100 Credit

As Windows XP comes to the end of its trail this April, Microsoft is paving way for people to transit smoothly to fresher versions of Windows. For this purpose, Microsoft has offered $100 credit to XP users who purchase a new PC costing atleast $600 from the Microsoft Store. The company decided to sweeten up the deal by adding 3 months’ worth of free support along with free of cost data transfer from the XP device to the new system. That goes to show how serious Microsoft is to get users off XP.

Windows XP

This isn’t the first time Microsoft has encouraged XP users to switch with some interesting incentives. It also put on offer a $50 gift card before which didn’t quite fire up the sales as desired. This time around discounts are being offered on purchase of a PC as a whole package. That kind of deal also caters prospective users who were hesitant to spend an awful lot of money on a PC just to switch from XP.

Windows 8

For those still clinging on to Windows XP, be warned that your PC will be exposed to security threats as Microsoft gives up patching for XP. It still goes without saying that those who have spent over a decade with Windows XP will require time getting used to Windows 8. Personal advice: Go for it while you still can. The offer will seize to exist after June 15. Don’t forget this is your opportunity to get the likes of Asus Transformer, Lenovo Thinkpad, Dell XPS and Microsoft Surface 2 with $100 off. Microsoft Store awaits your arrival.

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