Microsoft Justifies Its Stance To ‘Review’ Your Emails

It turns out that NSA is not the only entity that is able and willing to break into people’s email accounts; Microsoft seems to have pounced on the opportunity. Only earlier this week Microsoft broke into someone’s Hotmail account to prevent a potential leak of ‘sensitive’ software. While taking responsibility for the break in, the company stated that the preemptive measure was well justified in the documents filed in federal court.


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Back in 2012 Microsoft got wind of reports of a former employee Alex Kibkalo, leaking company software to a blogger. Microsoft had to contact its lawyers, who gave the company the go ahead to break into the blogger’s Hotmail account. Detailed investigation of the emails by company investigators eventually led to the arrest of Alex Kibkalo.

Microsoft lawyer, John Frank, strongly believes that an action such as this can’t be considered a breach per se. He stressed that Microsoft was entitled to review the email accounts of anyone who was using its products. That also explains why the lawyers felt there was no need for a warrant. However, Microsoft is aware of the criticism that this action has earned it from all and sundry. As a result, the upcoming policy by Microsoft includes the requirement to seek the approval of a former federal judge before such a review.

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