How Can I Learn to Code? A Beginner’s Guide

There are many aspiring coders out there who ask how they can learn to code. Like any other passion in life, coding is one that requires a serious plan and dedication. Here are a few ideas that should help you get that coding cap on.

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Is there specific coding type I should learn?

First and foremost, you should have atleast the basic knowledge of the usual programming languages. Remember, the keyword there is ‘basic’. There is no need to go over any detailed scripts over this, Google is your friend. Having gone through the programs associated with each, you may decide which programming language you wish to pursue.

For instance, the coding used for developing apps and programs significantly differs in nature to that used for writing server side code. Each of these apps comprises programming languages that may be more relevant to write in some cases while not in others.

Should I hit the books?

People who wish to learn to code often immediately head to the nearest public library as a cheap solution. While that may be viable for the bookworms, the level of detail may put off folks who are allergic to books altogether. If you happen to fall in the former group, you may want to read books on Java, Python, PHP, and C++ programming.

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Are there good coding websites?

Absolutely. Infact, learning through websites might be a more advisable way to lean to code. Some would prefer websites over books which tend to become outdated by the time they hit shop shelves. Whether you are a complete novice or attain decent knowledge of coding, there are a number of websites out there that can help you build on your coding skills.

You could begin to learn to code on a rudimentary level with KhanAcademy which is popular among aspiring coders since it offers basic courses for free. Once you familiarize yourself with the basics, you may advance to more intermediate stuff with websites like Udemy and CodeAcademy. These two are just as user-friendly for those only starting to learn to code.

Am I too young/old to learn to code?

Age does not matter when you want to learn. Reiterating, age does not matter. Like any other course in the world, coding requires your time, effort and practice. Try to be patient with yourself and you will surely learn to code in good time. So then, get that coding cap on and have some fun.

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