Google Gesture App Helps You Understand Sign Language Within Seconds

Communication is a significant part of our lives. Mainly, it is in shape of one-to-one speech. However, for those who are not fortunate to have the ability to speak have to resort to sign language. Though, not everyone is trained to understand all bits of sign language. That means that a lot of thoughts remain uncommunicated. Google has teamed up with students in Berghs School of Communication in Stockholm, Sweden to provide a potent solution with Google Gesture.

Google Gesture app

Google Gesture simply translates sign language into speech. The app incorporates a process known as electromyography. This involves a band that is worn on the arm of the person trying to communicate using sign language. The muscle movements in the hand and forearm are analyzed upon which the signal is transmitted to the Google Gesture app. These gestures are then translated into speech. This might sound long and complicated to some but it is all in real time so you don’t run the risk of falling asleep while the audio is generated.

Google has actively tried to enhance communication regardless of people’s locality with services such as Google Translate. Google Gesture could prove yet another milestone, allowing those ideas and thoughts to be communicated much more freely. The team of students, working with Google, has deservedly taken home an award for their tireless efforts at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity.

No release date for Google Gesture has been announced yet.

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