Apple CarPlay Brings The iOS Experience To Your Car

How many of you have been wanting Apple to transform the in-doors Apple AirPlay experience to an in-car experience? It seems like Apple has listened to the call as evident from the announcement of the all new CarPlay. CarPlay is a fresh interface that will be made available on new Volvo, Mercedes and Ferrari cars recently announced at Geneva Auto show.


As the name may suggest, CarPlay is intended to sync your iPhone with your car. This is made possible by offering voice-based navigation with Siri as well as touch-based functionality to ensure safer use of the iPhone while driving. Thus, making/responding to calls or sending a text without having to move your hands will now be done like a boss. Voice controls can be brought to life by simply pressing a button that rests on the steering wheel.

Apple Maps

Lost on a foreign territory? The Apple Maps will come in real handy with its turn by turn guide. Third party apps such as iHeartRadio and Spotify will also be available as part of the package. Hence, you won’t need to solely rely on iTunes for your digital music needs. Wait for the new iOS 7 update if you have CarPlay in your sights as well.

CarPlay digital music

Not interested in any of those new cars unveiled at the Geneva Auto Show? No worries, Apple has reassured your kind by announcing that it has struck deals with 13 other car manufacturers for integration of CarPlay. These include: Honda, General Motors, BMW Group, Ford, Hyundai Motor Company, Jaguar Land Rover, Kia Motors, Mitsubishi Motors, Nissan Motor Company, PSA Peugeot Citroën, Subaru, Suzuki and Toyota Motor Corp.

Is it just me or does this lend credence to the beginning of ‘car wars’? Google’s recent Open Automobile Alliance seems to now have competition. Let’s see how far this goes. Bring in the popcorn!

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