Privacy Policy

At Little Boy Reports, we recognize the need to respect the privacy of our readers. Below we lay out the details of what information is collected and how we protect your personal information.

 Personal Information Collected by Little Boy Reports:

When you, the user, access our website, we are required to monitor or log several forms of data. These may include but aren’t limited to: IP Address, Your name, ISP, Location, Browser used to open the site, the time you stayed on the site, which articles or pages you opened, and, any other information that we are legally required to obtain. Rest assured, every website in the world does this, some sites will mention this when you open them, others won’t. We have a legal obligation to abide by this regulation.

We will never sell, rent, or otherwise release your personal information to outside parties outside of

How your cookies help in showing advertisements (for you)

Little Boy Reports uses third party advertisements so we can continue bringing you great content. These advertisements may use certain technologies such as your cookies. Cookies provide the advertising partners with the information required to show you relevant advertisements.

These advertising companies may use information (None of which will disclose anything that will identify you; email address or your name) regarding your visiting habits to your browsing history so they can provide you meaningful advertisements for goods and/or services that could be of interest to you.

If you have any inquiries, questions, or otherwise, you are always welcome to drop us an email on: thelittleboy(AT)