Top Five Photorealistic 3D Images That You Just Can’t Resist

It is tough to tell the difference between real and fake by looking at a picture on the internet these days. Thanks to the modern image editing software, anything in the world can be made to look like a masterpiece. It has worked both, in favour and against architectural design for buildings. While editing tools may have conjured images that people would have wished to be real, they have also conveyed ideas that have actually been translated into reality by ‘real’ architects. Here’s a look at the top five mind-blowing photorealistic 3D images that will make you wish you were living the fantasy.


Lonely Town

Shi Yao/CGSociety

1. Lonely Town

Thumbs up to you if you thought this was straight out of an Assassin’s Creed game. The image by Shi Yao is inspired by the third installment in the game series, “Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood.” Using software such as V-Ray and 3ds Max, Shi Yao was able to meticulously reimagine and present the streets of Rome from the early sixteenth century.


Far Away From Home


2. Far Away From Home

This one holds great sentimental value for the artist, Andrew Averkin. The story it depicts is exactly what you imagine it to be-“A lonely girl standing in an old train station platform after a rainy day..” waiting to meet the one/s she loves. Andrew had his wife in her thoughts who has to cover plenty of miles to meet her parents in Sibera. After Effect, 3ds Max, Photoshop and V-Ray were used to bring this to light.


Dream House

Juan Altieri/CGSociety

3. Dream House

Juan Altieri has had as much as 8 years of 3D modelling practice since year 2000 that helped him accomplish this. Striking the right contrast balance with content comprising grey concrete, skies and the oceans is not a joke; it’s very much an uphill task. However, Juan is able to neatly test “…lighting effects, colour correction and render style.”


House On The Coast


4. House On The Coast

If you have wanted to picture a ‘closer’ combination of cold outside and warmth indoors, look no further than this. Notos was able to render this image for a client in no more than two weeks, thanks to the software combo of 3ds Max, Photoshop, V-Ray and Zbrush. Just when I thought there couldn’t be the ‘perfect’ house that was closer to nature…


Everything Beautiful Is Far Away


5. Everything Beautiful Is Far Away

Marek Denko spent countless hours on 3ds Max and V-Ray to create an airport image that he could dedicate to his family. Not a moment of it went to waste, it seems. There isn’t anything fancy about the 3D image like one would expect from images of most airports these days but that’s where the beauty lies. The insanely accurate details on that floor, alone, are worth dying for!

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