Cheap But Impressive Gift Ideas For Science Geeks

Buying a new kind of gift for someone each year can prove to be a daunting task. If that someone happens to be a science geek, it only gets trickier. Don’t lose hope, though. We have you covered with enough gift ideas to help you make it through quite a few occasions.


Giant Plush Microbes

Bacteria have never been this adorable, or fuzzy, or lovable. This wide range of microorganisms presents bacteria, microbes and viruses that won’t require a microscope to look at. Odd as it may sound, a science geek won’t have any issues accepting a collection of STDs as a birthday present (how convenient is that?).

Buy it for $9 at GiantMicrobes



Science geeks are fascinated by those processes involving melting, freezing, condensation and evaporation. What could be a better gift to give than this little slab of frozen steam? 96 percent of air content within makes Aerogel the lowest density solid material. You won’t feel a thing while you are holding this see-through piece, but poke it and it will feel like Styrofoam. Don’t be fooled into thinking it’s delicate; it can withstand insane amounts of weight and is a seriously good insulator.

Buy it for as low as $10 at AeroGel

Miracle Berries

Miracle Berries

It’s not exactly the taste of these berries that makes them special but it’s the effect they have on the taste buds. Chemical ‘Miraculin’ within these berries latches on to the sweet taste receptors of the tongue. That would make nearly every food item taste amazingly different as the taste buds would now particularly respond to acidic and sour diet. Don’t worry; sanity will prevail after an hour.

Buy it for $15 at ThinkGeek

Klein Bottle

Klein Bottle

Thinking of giving a math geek something to remain occupied with? Klein bottle might be the right way to go about it. Originally, a Klein bottle exists in four dimensions but does not hold anything inside and has no outside. These ones hold liquid and exist in three dimensions, though. How does this one mimic the real thing with no incremental dimensions, let the math geek answer that.

Buy it for $35 at KettleBottle



The low melting point of the silvery and shiny metal is what makes it so special and particularly a worthy gift for science geeks. Hold one of these crystals and next thing you know, there is a stream of silver dripping off your palm. It’s the body heat that causes the metal to melt. Let it collect in a dish and watch as the liquid changes back to solid form-magic! It isn’t toxic like mercury is, but that doesn’t mean you test your well-being by licking your fingers.

Buy it for as low as $24 at MCSSL

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